Code of Conduct

SHAT Code of Conduct (Safety)

We try to minimize the number of serious injuries by taking a few simple precautions common in airsoft.

Wear eye protection in areas where people are shooting their replicas

In the safety zone weapons are set to safe and magazines are removed from AEGs.

Before entering the safety zone a few shots in semi auto are fired after removing the magazine to make sure there is no BB left in the barrel.

Replicas comply with the FPS limits set by the organization organizing the Skirm you are playing on.

Consider the use of knee pads especially in CQB environments.

A replica is not a firearm, but it is a weapon. Calling it politically correct a replica does not change that fact. Thus we treat it as such.

Respect for others

You cannot play airsoft by yourself you need at least one person to play against. We realize that our fellow airsofters and the organization of a skirm are all there to allow us to have a good time. So we listen to briefings, follow instructions, don't insult people, play by the rules etc. We behave like our parents at least tried to raise us right.

Fight with Honor

Airsoft relies on the honor system to register kills. Given the circumstances it is virtually impossible to do this right 100%. In case our observation of reality doesn't agree with that of someone else we follow this no discussion protocol:

  • If we hit an opponent and he doesn't say he is hit, he is not hit.
  • If an opponent claims we are hit but we don't think we are hit, we are hit.
  • If someone is clearly cheating beyond any doubts, we'll inform a marshal or the organizer about this in a calm way and we make sure we are able to point out the individual.
  • We never talk about suspected cheaters when others can hear us. To prevent false accusations, escalations or giving new players the impression that cheating is normal behavior.

Respect for the law

Like it or not airsoft replicas are regulated in the Netherlands. We either comply with the Dutch laws for storing and transporting our replicas in the Netherlands or we store (and only transport) our replicas outside the Netherlands. We keep our replicas out of sight for the unexpecting public.